Do you look forward to your wedding day with the excitement of a kid going to Disneyland?

Many women anticipate their wedding day with high hopes and have dreams of meeting the perfect man to bond with for life.

Cue the wedding march…

But, wait!

It’s important to have a specific conversation with your boyfriend before you consider him marriage material. So, read on to discover what to do before you say “I do!”

A successful marriage is built on a strong foundation. Before you say yes to a marriage proposal, it is important to make sure that your partner is truly the one.

When writing our book, Project Everlasting, my co-author Jason Miller and I traveled over 12,000 miles in search of America’s Greatest Marriages and interviewed over 200 happily married couples in search of the secret answers to what makes love last.

For guidance in uncovering the mystery of how to find the one, we asked the Marriage Masters, who’ve all been married over 40 years, “How do you know when you’ve found the one?”

We learned that it really doesn’t matter how you meet The One. One couple got engaged on the first night they met; the next waited five years to analyze the relationship from every angle. There is no formula for success.

The answers to our question were all over the board, and guess what? They were all good. However, we did hear some themes about how couples came to the realization.

Like, look for someone who has the same value system, especially in regard to family and money. If you value family time first and foremost and your husband’s way more fascinated with making a lot of money, then there are going to be some major problems.

The Marriage Masters were all for discussing individual priority systems before saying “I do”.

Make sure you sit down with your guy and discuss your values and life priorities before you discuss wedding rings. You should know each others long term goals to ensure you are moving forward in the same direction.

By looking beyond the attraction and chemistry, you’ll discover the foundation to what makes a marriage last.