Send Any One of These Cheeky (and Sometimes Downright Bizarre) Texts to Your Man and He’ll Go Crazy for You!

I often get asked for advice on texting, so I’m constantly doing research on fabulous, effective texts to make him smile.

Recently, I came across some texts that I think are pretty ridiculous, meaning that no woman would probably ever send them because they’re… well, you’ll see what I mean.

But after giving it some more thought, I began to wonder what would happen if a woman did send these texts to her man… because in my opinion, it would be awesome to receive any of these text messages from MY wife!

So here’s a list of 10 text messages I’ve compiled that any man would LOVE to receive from the woman in his life, in order of 10 being a great text to send and one being a freakin’ AMAZING text to send!

Now, disclaimer, okay? I know that some of these text messages seem selfish. Some of them might even seem chauvinistic. But that doesn’t mean that most men wouldn’t love to see one of these messages pop up on his phone!

Advice on how to turn a guy on through text

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Texts to make him smile

10. I really hate it when guys make huge over the top romantic gestures. It’s just such a waste of money.

Okay, here’s the truth: It’s pretty obvious that dating is quite different for men and women.

For women, dating means that they have the opportunity to be made to feel special. It’s a chance for some easy fun with someone interesting, usually without having to spend their own money or a lot of work.

From a guy’s perspective, asking for your time, and then planning and paying for the whole experience can be stressful AND it’s a lot of work – just so you know.

Like I said, some of these texts are pretty ridiculous! But this one will definitely get his attention.


9. Screw the party. Let’s just stay in and watch Netflix!

Just in case you didn’t know, most men love Netflix. Every guy I know loves to chill!

There’s nothing more relaxing than an action movie, a cuddle buddy and a large, deep-dish pizza.


texts that make him smile

8. Guess what? I got the two of us tickets to the Steelers game!

You get a couple tickets to your man’s favorite sporting event? Let me just say, massive points for a decade.

Your man loves when you’re interested in what he’s passionate about. When you connect to something he loves, the love that he has for that thing connects to you!


7. Here’s a detailed list of reasonably priced things I want for my birthday…

I love this text because, as a man who wants to make my woman happy, it’s tough and sometimes stressful to find things that I know she’s going to like for her birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

That said, if you can give your man an actual list of things that you will love so he doesn’t have to guess (and possibly get it wrong), it will be a win-win.


6. You should go snowboarding with your friends this weekend. I’ll watch the kids.

Men are often conditioned to believe that women want way more time together than they do… and that if he asks for time away, your feelings will be hurt.

But you and I both know that that’s not true!

You want your independence just as much as he does, am I right? You probably want your solo time or time with the girlfriends just as much as he wants his solo time or time with the boys.

When you encourage him to go get some guy time or go do something else that he loves, he’s going to love that! That type of freedom actually creates a desire in him to invest even more time with you.


5. Just bought some new thongs from Victoria Secret… want a private runway show? 😉

Wearing sexy underwear is just one way to show that you feel sexy and confident, which is a huge turn on!

Also, to most men, sex is the path to the deepest emotional connection possible. It’s the ultimate means of expressing and receiving love.

He wants to feel like you want him, and not just because he wants the physical release of sex, but because you wanting him shows that you love him as deeply as he loves you.

So go ahead and be bold… surprise him with some sexy lingerie! By sending texts like this, you let your man know, in the clearest way possible, that you love him and desire him.


texts to make him smile dad bod

4. I’m not that attracted to guys with six packs. I’m much more into chubby dad bods!

Okay, this is probably a little too ridiculous. But just for a minute, let’s get serious. If I asked you which gender you believe has more pressure put on them to look perfect, you’d probably laugh in my face. There’s a strong chance you’d see the question as short-sighted or even sexist.

Yes, it’s an accepted fact that women are always under more pressure than men when it comes to appearance. But actually, men feel it too!

Bottom line: He needs to feel loved and accepted for who he really is.


3. Your friends are so cool. I love hanging out with them.

For many guys, their guy friends aren’t just friends… they’re family!

And so, if the woman he loves also loves his guy friends, that’s the best of both worlds.


2. Look… I’m on my period this week so I might be a little crazy. Let’s hang out once it’s over, ok? Have a great week!

Most men don’t really think (or know what to think) about your period. But they know the best way how to deal with it: Show you a healthy amount of respect.

Also, men are total cowards when it comes to blood and emotions, especially if you just started dating.

But I will tell you this: If the man you’re dating is insensitive about your period, I’m willing to bet he’s insensitive about a lot of things. Don’t judge him because he acts like a spoiled brat when your body does that thing that allows the human race to survive. Judge him because, and I think I’m guessing correctly here, he’s a jerk.


sexts to make him smile

1. Pizza, beer, sex. My place.

Low-maintenance dates are fun sometimes! When you can show that you don’t need to go to fancy dinners every night, it shows that you’re confident in yourself and in your relationship.

Suggesting a low-maintenance date also shows that you can be present, and that you don’t care (too much, at least) about what kind of show you can put on for your friends on Instagram.


No matter which of these texts you decide to send, your guy will adore your attempts to stroke his ego a bit

Get your little finger ready and watch him wrap around it quickly as you send a few of these along the way. One thing’s for sure, not one of these texts will disappoint him!

So now it’s your turn… what text message would you love to receive from your man, but probably never will? This is your moment! Go ahead and share with me in the comments below.

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