Are you single and long for an amazing relationship?

…Someone with whom you can share adventures, laughs, and magical moments?

When I was single, the holidays always seemed to shine a spotlight on the part of my heart that ached for my life partner.

Wayne dyer has a great teaching point on this…

He says that anytime we consciously want something in our lives, but we don’t see it manifest, it’s because we have an internal or subconscious block. We have internal resistance inside we aren’t aware of, and it’s this resistance that pushes away the very thing we want.

I asked a coaching client of mine if she was ready to have a great relationship.

She said, “Yes!”
I then asked, “When?”

She said, “Oh, in about a month fr om now.  I just need to get a few things in orders.  I need to do… (bla bla bla).”

Here’s the challenge with that kind of thinking…

There are really only two times when you can attract the relationship you want.

1) Now
2) Not now

You are subconsciously emitting signals to the opposite sex with everything you do; from how you walk, to how you talk, even with the vibe or feeling tone you’re giving off.

The person you want will read your signals as being open or closed to a relationship.

The problem is many of us feel ready on the surface, but deep down we still have subconscious blocks that tell the Universe, “Not now.”

If you want love, you need to move to a “Now” experience.

I’ve created a valuable webinar as a gift for you to help you uncover your hidden blocks and to get into complete alignment with a “now” experience so you can attract the life partner you want.

It’s called, “Attract and Keep Mr. Right” and it’s my gift to you.

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