If you’re tired of dead-end dates and ready to for a deeply committed relationship, you need to know how to position yourself as a high value woman who is marriage material.

Here’s the truth: the guy you’re dating is going to put you into one of two categories…

Category 1: A Fun Girl to Date


Category 2: Potential Future Wife

If you’re trying to find The One, you need to set yourself up for success by ensuring that the guys you date see you as more than just a fun girl for a few dates.

In the Cracking the Man Code Course I teach you about a dangerous mistake many women make that derails a potentially great relationship.  Making this mistake almost always causes a guy to put you in the category of a girl to date for fun and eliminates your chances of being seen as marriage material.

Can you guess what this critical mistake is?

Many women will sabotage the future of a would-be amazing relationship by sleeping with their suitor before deep emotional bonds are created in his heart.  Getting physical with a guy, before you are in a committed relationship, will often deter you from the path that leads to lasting love.  Yikes!

Check it out…

The decision to be physical before commitment is so devastating because men are looking for a high value woman to marry.  Guys like to think of their future wife as a classy woman with high standards. Setting boundaries around sex demonstrates to men that you are a high value woman who should be firmly planted into category 2, Potential Future Wife.

I’ll teach you all about setting yourself apart as a high value woman and a little something I like to call Relationship Pacing in the Cracking the Man Code Course.

The Cracking the Man Code Course will teach 6 1/2 Secrets to building attraction and lasting connection, one word that allows men to fall in love, the #1 factor that causes men to pull away and what you can do to reverse it, and so much more.

Attract Your Man <== Empower Yourself

If you don’t have the relationship you want right now, then you must expand your awareness in order to attract it and receive it.

It’s important to support yourself in creating relationship success by following a proven formula! You deserve to break your old patterns that push love away. If you’re ready to finally find your man, you need the Cracking the Man Code Course.