Going through a break up is really tough and, at some point, you might find yourself missing your former partner.

If you’d really love to be back together, there are a few things you can do to ignite his interest in coming back and giving things with you another try!

Here are the three quick and easy steps to follow to win back a man who has broken up with you

WIN-BACK STEP #1: Give Him Time to Miss You

You know the old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Well, it’s totally true!

Absence creates a contrast. Once someone isn’t around anymore, you have a chance to think of all of the memorable times you’ve shared with that person. This is what creates a desire to see that person again.

Here’s an example from my own life…

make hime miss you mat boggs dating advice

I was in a good relationship that ended. A few weeks later, I happened to be driving home from a Will Ferrell movie, and started thinking about the times my girlfriend and I had gone to see Will Ferrell movies (which were our favorites).

I found myself thinking about the fun banter we always had afterwards on the drive home. I missed her! As I thought about the good times we’d had together, this triggered a desire in me to see her.

So now you can see how having contrast is super important for igniting his desire to see you… and this only happens when you’re not around. So if he’s ended things, don’t text him, call him or arrange to “accidentally” run into him at places you know he hangs out.
Give him the opportunity to actually miss you!

You may be wondering, “Well, how long do I need to stay absent for?” I’d say about 30 days. I I know that may not be easy… I know that is going to require some strength and bravery from you because it is probably quite a bit longer than you want!

But 30 days is really a good guideline to allow him enough time to truly miss you and to feel that contrast of what life is like without you. And hopefully, it’ll drive him right back to you!


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WIN-BACK STEP #2: Focus on Living Your Happiest, Most Fulfilled Life

While you’re taking 30 days to be absent from his life, this is when you focus your energy on growing yourself. Take this time to focus on YOU!

This time is your opportunity to reconnect with your family. Reconnect with your friends. Make new friends. Learn new things. Have new fantastic adventures!

As you take care of yourself and pursue things that interest you, you’re growing. And perhaps most importantly, as you live into this best version of yourself, you’re generating more self-love.

As you have these new adventures with new friends, and you post about it on social media, guess who is going to see you connecting with people he doesn’t know? Your ex!

He’ll be curious as to what you’re up to, and with whom, and he’ll most likely want to reach out to you to reconnect.

Because you have new friends, you’re learning new things, and doing new activities you’re showing that you are a dynamic person that continues to grow and evolve – without him. Your train is moving on… it’s leaving the station!

We all want to grow as human beings and it’s incredibly attractive to see someone living a happy and joyful life. So him seeing you living your happiest, most fulfilled life can be highly motivating and attractive to him.


WIN-BACK STEP #3: Grab His Attention

As you give him time to miss you, and you’re working on your own personal growth, your next step is grab his attention and open an invitation!

Here’s the thing: You want to show him that you’re focused on your life, your dreams and on doing things you love. So once your 30 days is up, I highly encourage you to reach out to him and ask him for his opinion or advice on something.

This is a great way to reconnect with him, because we men love to be asked what our thoughts are on something. We love the chance to give advice, and to help you potentially solve a problem. We love to feel like we know the answers… and we believe we do! ?

So for example, send him a text asking about his opinion on what jazz club he’d recommend you and your girlfriends go to, since he is the “Master of Jazz.” Keep it light and fun! You’re asking for his advice, positioning him as the expert.

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If he’s been missing you and he gets your text, he just might respond and say, “I’m seeing a great band Saturday and you should come!” Men who are missing you? They will seize the moment and ask to see you again.

Because he’s seen that you’re growing, he sees the new dynamics in your life, and he sees that you are a happy, forward moving person… he will want to be a part of that!

As I mentioned before, breakups are hard. If you want to be back with your man, I’m not saying the three-step process I’ve shared above is easy. Each step will take bravery, will and surrounding yourself with love and support from your friends and family.

But no matter what happens, whether you two get back together, or you attract someone amazing along the way, following this three-step process will be worth it for you!

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