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Almost every single one of us has been hurt in the love department at some point in the past. This is just part of the human experience.

If you can relate, you may even find yourself asking at times, “Will I really be able to find love again?”

Even though you’d like to find love, you may find yourself doubting if what you want is really out there. And you may feel scared to open up to someone again!

Learning to love yourself after you’ve been hurt is actually the most important part of healing your heart and moving forward. And when you love yourself as fully and completely as possible, you’ll also wind up attracting new, amazing men into your life!

Brilliant New York Times bestselling author, Gay Hendricks, wrote an amazing book called Learning to Love Yourself. The book is a fantastic guide for how to love yourself fully, and as a result, open yourself up to love from others.

And now, I’d love to share with you two of what I consider to be the most important principles from the book!


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SELF LOVE PRINCIPLE #1: Accept Your Feelings As They Are

In order to really love yourself, we have to accept what is. We have to stop resisting what is.

For example: Accept that you may be angry with yourself, your current partner, or an ex.  Accept that you feel sad about something that happened, or accept that you feel guilt or shame about something that was said.

The fact is, you probably don’t want to feel this way! You don’t want to feel sad, angry, guilty, embarrassed and so on, so… you resist feeling these things.

But the problem is that when you deny your feelings, you lock them in place.

Suppressed emotions have to be expressed at some point. So either you allow yourself to experience them and feel them, or they will eventually express themselves in some way, sometimes even as a physical ailment of some sort.

So if you feel said, angry, unhappy or whatever else, it’s critical to accept that right or wrong, this is how you feel.

Give yourself permission to feel your emotions, and these emotions will then flow through you… as opposed to staying stuck and stagnant within you, and potentially hardening you from all of the love and other wonderful things that life can offer.


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SELF LOVE PRINCIPLE #2: Love Is More Powerful Than Anything Else

Love is more powerful than any anger, shame, embarrassment, guilt or sadness you may be feeling. Love exists everywhere!

I believe that our work as spiritual beings having a human experience is to find ways to remove blocks to our awareness of love’s presence.

As we open up to the totality of love’s presence, that love is more powerful than anything else we’ll ever experience, you’ll find that the essence of love is telling you to get out of your head and into your heart!

Give yourself permission, in the midst of whatever you are going through, to acknowledge that love is always around and available for you… if you choose to open yourself up to it.


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So right now, I have a challenge for you!

This week, I challenge you to accept whatever feelings you’re currently experiencing about being hurt in the past or just relationships in general that are there for you.

Do you feel anger, sadness, shame, guilt or embarrassment? Whatever it is, give yourself permission to feel it, then let it flow through you and let it go.

Next, I invite you to ask yourself, “Am I willing to love myself fully and completely right now?”

Shift your focus from the thoughts that may be running through your mind, to the feelings you are feeling in your heart. Imagine yourself opening up to all of the love that is ever present, surrounding you and all things at all times.

You will be amazed at the amazing people that will begin to come into your life once truly love and accept yourself. Because yes, you can really love again after you’ve been hurt!


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