A classy and natural way to attract men plus 5 tips for how to be sexy instantly

While being sexy is often thought of in terms of appearance, you might be surprised by what men actually find attractive.

We all have an image of what it means to be sexy. Women are bombarded by media and advertisements that have skewed our image of beauty. Half naked, pin-thin, models flaunt the pages of magazine ads selling everything from handbags to botox while portraying an image of beauty that is difficult to attain. But, what I’ve learned in 10 years as a dating and relationship expert is that what men find sexy might surprise you.

While different men are looking for different things in terms of body type and appearance, they all agree that one specific trait is irresistible. And, it has nothing to do with the way you look!  

You might be shocked to learn that the #1 quality that men find most attractive in women is authenticity. Women looking to turn up their natural attraction triggers needn’t buy any new make-up or shell out for an expensive cosmetic procedure. Instead, if you’ve been wondering how to be sexy, you’ll want to start with being your authentic self.

Being authentic simply means being your own genuine self. Men love being around a woman who is confident and comfortable being herself. If you’re silly, be silly. If you’re into great literature, talk about your favorite books. Shining your authentic self will attract the right man faster than any other tactic you can use. It’s also a lot easier and more fun than pretending to be someone you’re not.

If this isn’t juicy enough for ya, here are five helpful tips for how to be sexy while in your authentic state.

1.       Help yourself to feel sexy
When you feel sexy, you act sexy. Try wearing sexy underwear while running mundane errands. There’s no need to save your leopard thong for date night. Just knowing that your sexy panties are hidden beneath your casual jeans will give you an appealing glow.

2.       Think sexy thoughts
You’ll emit a foxy vibe that can be picked up on by potential suitors when you’ve got a steamy song on your ipod or while remembering scenes from a racy book like Fifty Shades of Grey.

3.       Pamper your sexy self
This one is easy and fun. Get a pedicure or a blow-out at the salon. Take a luxurious bubble bath. Try getting a Brazilian bikini wax.  Whatever you try, it should be something that makes you feel sexy which will boost your allure.

4.       A sexy scent
Aroma can be a powerful aphrodisiac and a sexy smell can give you an instant mood lift. In a recent study conducted by The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago, they discovered that like clockwork, the scent of orange stimulates men’s senses…and yeah, that other part, too. Try Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica.

5.      Be sexy. Enhance your natural appeal
When looking for the best advice on how to be sexy in your appearance you’ll want to enhance your natural appeal. You need to start by knowing what your best features are so that you can play them up. If you have great legs, wear skirts. If you have enticing eyes, highlight them with a smoldering shadow. Whatever you look like, there is a great man looking for you. Shine your best self and he’s sure to be attracted to you like a bee to honey.