Successful people know how to get the results they want and many smart women have asked me,  “How do I get what I want from my man”

Keep reading to discover how to influence your man in a positive way.

One of the strongest ways to influence the behavior of your man is to “catch him ______  ______”.

Do you know what this phrase is?

Here’s a hint…

All men are influenced by this principle.

As men, we have built into our genetic code the desire to please and provide for you.

As one Marriage Master married over 50 years said…

…”If mama’s not happy, aint’ nobody happy.”

Unfortunately, many women will use complaining to get what they want.

For example, this quote has been heard by many a man (cue the late night conversation in the kitchen while washing dishes)…

…”You never take me out anymore.”

Yup, hardly ever works…

The woman who said this obviously wants to create a deeper connection with her man.  But her approach is creating the Deadly D’s.

…It Deflates, Detracks, and Dissuades.

Lemme explain.

Her comment deflates his ego (and tells him that he isn’t making her happy), it detracks from his connection with her, and it dissuades him from wanting to do the very thing she is suggesting.

There’s a much better way to build the connection and partnership with your man.

It’s called MANsuasion…

Instead of complaining, Catch Him Being Good and respond in a big way.  Tell him you love it when he takes you out (for example).

If it has been awhile since he’s romanced you…

Remind him of a time when he wooed your socks off and express how much it meant to you. Then ask him if he would do it again.

It’s as simple as that…AND it’s highly effective!

When you catch your man being good; and let him know you “likey likey”; he’ll naturally want to deliver more of these actions that please you.

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