If you’re interested in working together, I have a phenomenal program called Manifest Your Man.

During this 90-Day Challenge you’ll join me and a small group of women committed to attracting love in their life. You will learn exactly how to develop the right mind-set, heart-set, and action-set to shift your love life once and for all – and essential communication and relationship skills necessary to make that relationship not just last but thrive.

I have both group programs and a very limited number of one-on-one coaching spots available.

This course is not for everyone. It’s for women who are serious about finding love and taking action in their life.

If you’re not willing to make love a priority, please do not submit an application.

This program starts at $1,500 and goes up (and it’s worth it), so apply if you’re serious about learning more, and one of my program mentors will contact you to give you all of the details

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    “I have learned more than I ever imagined! The male/female dynamics you have stressed are all there. I never applied them to real life situations before. So thanks to you I have a whole new outlook now.”

    ~ Yvonne Baker, Paso Robles, CA
    “Before joining the Manifest Your Man project, I had pretty much decided that dating was probably “just not my thing”. But Mat Boggs’ awesome relationship coaching skills helped me re-kindle my love interest and now I’m dating and having the time of my life!”

    ~ Molly Heise, Chicago, IL
    “Mat Boggs truly holds the key when it comes to manifesting your man! His proven methods, practices and principles are easy to implement and have made all the difference for me! Prior to enrolling in Mat’s program, I wasn’t even dating and I felt that there were just no awesome men out there that were right for me. But, just a few weeks into the program, I began seeing great men come into my life in various ways. Since beginning the program I have had 4 guys ask me out and I am having so much fun! I also feel much more confident and comfortable with men because of Mat’s program. I know it has made a direct impact of the results I am getting. Thank you, Mat!”

    ~ Kathryn Ford, Los Angeles, CA
    “I just wanted to write to express some gratitude for you and all the amazing lessons you’re imparting upon us lucky gals who are participating in this program. I often have doubts about my choices when it comes to making substantial personal investments, but this time I know I got it right.Your warmth and generous spirit are infectious in the best way, and I feel I can tell you anything without judgment, but know you’ll “give it to me straight” if there is indeed something I can improve upon or a deeper way to look at the situation – and THAT’S priceless!Thanks so much for sharing and for being the extraordinary person and coach that you are.I feel very fortunate to know you.”

    ~ Janet Grey, Los Angeles, CA