One Of The Most Common Questions Smart, Successful, Single Women Ask Me Is, “How Can I Make Myself More Attractive To High-Quality Men, Without Compromising My Values?”

Here’s The Answer…

It’s actually incredibly easy to become more attractive to the type of man you want to move from first date to forever… and contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with your external appearance!

So what do men find attractive? Let’s dive in.

Exude your most attractive feminine qualities

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For example, a client of mine recently told me she was disappointed she wasn’t getting tons of hits on her dating profile, despite being a beautiful and really awesome woman.

I said, “Hmmm… okay, send me a link to your profile and let me take a look.”

The moment I looked her pictures, it hit me – even though she was smiling, she didn’t look comfortable, confident or like she felt sexy in any of them! Not one photo exuded that she felt awesome or sensual.

So I asked her, “Do you have any photos where you’re feeling really feminine or really sexy? Send them over to me.”

She sent me a photo from her friend’s wedding where she was smiling in a cute dress.

I said to her, “Lemme just take a WILD guess here… when you look at this picture of yourself, do you feel uncomfortable?”

what do men find attractive confidence

She said, “YES! I remember wearing an uncomfortable dress that I hated, my feet hurt and I wanted to get out of those heels so badly, and it was 2am! I was exhausted!”

I explained to her that while she looked physically great in the picture, that I could just tell she was uncomfortable… and this was what she was communicating louder than anything else, no matter how nice she looked, or how fun the occasion.

The truth is, the more attractive you FEEL in any given moment, the more attractive you’ll be to the men around you!

Forget about the fact you may not be wearing makeup or if you’ve just come from the gym… if you feel attractive and confident within yourself, you’ll subconsciously send out a magnetic wave of energy to men.

And believe me, we pick up on that energy!

what do men find attractive attitude

I told her about a TV show my wife and I watched that BLEW MY MIND and made me realize this fascinating truth about “organic attractiveness”…

One day my wife and I were cuddled up on the couch watching some talk show.

At one point a woman came walking out onto the stage to join the panel. She was a very and beautiful large lady, and she’d actually just lost 20 pounds.

And boy oh boy… she looked AMAZING because of how she was carrying herself! She strutted out onto that stage with so much confidence and sexiness and poise. She was working it, man! I was like WOW… look at her go!

And then another woman came out who was thinner and, by social standards, might be considered more conventionally attractive. But here’s the thing – she had actually gained 10 pounds, and while still thin, she just didn’t feel good in her skin… and it showed! She came across as super self conscious.

It was SO clear to me and my wife which of the two women was more attractive – it was the first woman who felt so good about herself! The one who OWNED her own sexiness and attractiveness.


So here’s what I told my client to do, and what you can easily do too to immediately feel like your sexiest self…

After I shared this story of the two guests on the TV show with my client, I encouraged her to get dressed up in whatever outfit made her feel her absolute BEST, and then to get a friend to take some photos of her in this outfit.

I emphasized that the clothes should highlight her best features, maybe accentuated her curves, and ramp up her feelings of sexiness.

And then I told her to put on some sexy underwear (and when you’re trying to feel your hottest, especially to snap a photo, you should too).

what do men find attractive fineapple

You may be thinking, “Um, Mat… why? What kind of photos are we talking here?!”

The deal is that no one even has to see or know about the underwear… they are there to remind YOU of your femininity and sexiness. This will help you own your attractiveness and send this message out to the high-quality men out there.

My client followed my advice and you know what?

Within one or two days max, she had all kinds of hits from men on the dating app she was on. And about a week later she went out with a guy she really liked. And they’re still dating.

My client’s shift took almost zero time, energy or effort. And this can easily be your experience too!


what do men find attractive sexy

So whatever you do and however you look like on the outside, EMBRACE your sexy self, and you’ll attract the type of partner you deserve.

Secretly wearing sexy underwear is just one way to boost your feelings of sexiness and confidence.

I also recommend adopting a morning ritual that many of my clients have said works wonders for them, and it goes like this:

As you’re getting in the shower in the morning, instead of focusing on anything negative about yourself, look at your nude body in the mirror and send a huge wave of love and gratitude for it. You’ll carry yourself differently all day by doing this!

Or, if you’re walking around during the day and you catch your reflection in a mirror or window, say to yourself either aloud or in your head, “Damn I look good!!”

Feed yourself this affirmation because when you generate a state of attractiveness within yourself, that’s what you’re going to project to the whole world… and you’ll be shocked and thrilled at the difference this makes in the results you’re generating and the men you’re attracting!


And now, I’d love to hear from you, and would love to share a FREE gift with you for exuding your most attractive feminine qualities…

What makes you feel super sexy? What tips and tricks do you have for embracing your inner goddess and walking around with total confidence? Share them in the comments below!

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