Why Successful Women Have Trouble Finding Love - by Mat Boggs

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If you’re a successful and independent woman seeking love, you may have a harder time finding The One.

Today, I’m going to share the most common mistake that successful women make in relationships.

This frequent slip-up kills the connection with your man and causes good guys to vanish from your life.

Plus, I’ll reveal important information about how to build attraction and create an unbreakable bond with your man.

I’ve spent my career coaching and teaching women, just like you, how to manifest love and deepen the connection with their man.

During this time, I’ve seen a pattern of wonderful women who just can’t seem to find love. Most of these women are attractive, talented, business professionals who’ve been unable to find love.

The truth is that smart, accomplished, competent women can scare men off.

You may not even get approached in the first place.

Many capable, independent women send off the wrong vibe to men. Sure being independent is a great quality, but are you conveying the message that you don’t want or need a man?

Chances are that you’re doing some things unknowingly that prevent men from approaching or getting too close to you.

One of the fastest ways to kill connection with your man is to emasculate him. If you take charge and try to control the relationship, he’ll likely pull away. Even a sensitive guy wants to feel like the man in the relationship.

So, how can you make sure you don’t kill the connection?

You harness the power of your feminine energy. Men are absolutely magnetized to feminine energy. They are totally drawn to a feminine woman.

It’s important to realize that we all have both masculine & feminine energy operating in us. Many women, as entrepreneurs and professionals, have ramped up the masculine side in order to be successful in business.

The problem is women who are living from their masculine energy will often repel men. Strong, confident, successful men want a feminine woman. It’s a basic law of nature that opposites attract... and this is especially true with masculine and feminine energy!

Every single man has certain attraction triggers that fire off in the presence of feminine energy.

These attraction and love triggers are hardwired within a man’s DNA.  These are scientifically proven activators within the male brain that, when triggered, cause men to feel more attraction, feel more desire and to become more deeply bonded.

The good news is that you can begin triggering your man’s love and attraction buttons by amplifying your feminine energy.

A feminine woman knows how to make a man feel so good; he is absolutely addicted to her love and affection and wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life by her side.

When you step into the radiance of your feminine energy, you allow your man to “be the man” in the relationship. When he’s in his natural masculine state, he’ll feel great about himself and attribute his positive feelings toward YOU!

Now that you know how your masculine energy repels men, you’re probably eager to harness your feminine energy to create love. Just know that you CAN amplify your "feminine factor" to trigger his attraction so the man you want is drawn to you like a powerful magnetic force!

To get started, you can download my free e-book here called "5 Feminine Qualities High-Value Men Love".

Thanks for reading, and have some fun tapping into your "feminine side".

With Love & Light,
Mat Boggs