Avoid painful relationship mistakes and wasting time
Are you ready to finally MANifest the relationship you always wanted?

If you...

•  Would like to have a proven method for communication that bonds your man to you and gives you a deep level of connectedness...

•  Want to understand the inner-workings of your man’s heart and mind, so that no matter what comes up you can face any situation with confidence and peace of mind...

Are ready (and I mean really ready) to enjoy a deep and fulfilling relationship...

Then, this program is calling your name!

After years of coaching women in attracting the love they deserve, I’ve found one overwhelming pattern.

If you want to build attraction and establish the kind of connection that leads to lasting love, then you have to understand what men truly want, how they fall in love, what builds attraction, what sustains connection, and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to communicate what you want so the relationship can be deeply satisfying for both of you.

Here’s the kicker — his communication style, how he falls in love, and how he builds connections is completely different than it is for you!

Our results (in every area of life, including love and relationships) is ALWAYS a direct reflection of our level of awareness. What is your level of awareness? If you want to know what your level of awareness in relationships is, all you have to do is simply look at your results.

Here’s the good news!

If you want to improve your results, all you have to do is expand your awareness. As you increase your knowledge of the inner-workings of your man, your results will automatically begin to improve. 

It feels like having relationship super-powers, seriously :-)

As you begin to expand your awareness of how men think, what they intrinsically want, what motivates them, your life will never be the same.

You’ll know how to build attraction, how to create connection, and how to make it last. AND…here’s the best part. Once you learn it, you can never unlearn it.

Your relationships will men will forever be improved.

If you don’t have the relationship you want right now, the place to start is expanding your awareness of how to create it.

That’s what this program is all about.

Cracking The Man Code dives deep inside the hearts and minds of men. This exclusive program is the culmination of over 8 years of research and coaching, and I’ve put the most important things you need to know together for you in a simple and easy format that gives you the insider secrets on...

...what motivates men, and how to create lasting connection in a natural and authentic way,

...how (and WHEN) to communicate so that your needs get met,

...what to say during difficult relationship moments so that you create deeper bonds rather than break ups.

...how to avoid attracting the wrong guys and become magnetic to the right guys,

...and much more!

Now is your time to break relationship patterns that don’t work.

Attract the “GREAT” guy you want and create a deep and lasting connection with him so that you both can enjoy a profound and fulfilling relationship.

Keep reading because below I reveal exactly what's in this program.



A Proven and Effective “Reverse Visioning” Guided Meditation

In this 45-min guided audio-meditation, you will discover exactly what you want to create for your love life, and what’s in the way, so you can start attracting the kind of partnership you want now.
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How To Dissolve Limiting Beliefs
In this audio lesson, you will learn exactly how to eradicate limiting beliefs that are stopping you from attracting love, and how to install empowering beliefs that will absolutely accelerate your love life!

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Video Modules of The Entire
6 1/2 Secrets To Cracking The Man Code

  • 1- The Law of Polarity 
    • How to activate a man's attraction triggers, and what to do to increase his sense of self worth so that you become amazingly special to him and he can't stop thinking about you.
    • Why independent, successful women often fail in relationships or attract the wrong men, and what you can do to be a magnet to your right guy.
    • How to create deep connection, and amplify your feminine energy in a way that feels authentic and compells great guys to pursue you.
    •  3 ways to approach men, open conversations, and create romantic opportunities with great guys, WHILE STAYING FEMININE, so you can create dates with the guy you want, rather than passively sitting back and hoping some miracle happens.
    • And more!
  • 2 - The Law of Chemistry 
    • How feel-good brain chemicals are triggered in men, and what you can do to ignite his feelings of “Must-Be-With-Her-Attraction.”
    • How a man's brain is wired for love, relationships, and communication, and how to speak to the love-center of his mind so that he wants to meet your needs.  Just knowing this will save you needless fights.
    • And more!
  • 3 - The Law of Elasticity
    •  The counter-intuitive reason men pull away when in a longer-term relationships -- AND what to do so that he comes back stronger and motivated to invest in the relationship.
    • 3 activities that affect his hormones and make him want to be around you (even when he's not with you!).
    • And more!
  • 4 - The Law of Connection
    • A proven strategy for opening your man to communication in a way where he feels respected and wants to create a deep connection with you.
    •  The #1 thing men want from a woman -- EVEN MORE THAN SEX!
    • 5 words men love to hear in a conversation that opens them up for better communication.
    • A deep psychological need men have -- that when met, creates a feeling of deep satisfaction in their relationship - aka staying power!
    • And more!
  • 5 - The Law of Miami
    •  The first most dangerous mistake most women make early on that can derail a potentially great relationship — and how you can use emotional pacing to build the connection with you man.
    • How and why men fall in love, and the ONE word you can use to help him fall in love with YOU.
    • The essential questions a man asks himself when deciding if you are the woman he wants to commit to — and how to make sure he answers those questions with a resounding YES!
    • The key to helping your man progress emotionally in your relationship -- called "Relationship Pacing." (FYI: your pacing is very different from his, and knowing this single key can save you lots of heartache and help him connection with you much faster!)
  • 6 - The Law of Authenticy
    • How to overcome past emotional scars, and move forward with an open heart.
    • How to overcome the feeling of needing approval from others.
    • How to be yourself so you can shine your unique style and let your man fall in love with the real you.
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Transcripts & Guidebook

  • Transcripts
    • Enjoy transcripts of the entire program to make highlighting, capturing, and reviewing the insights you gain from this program even easier.
  • Complete Guidebook
    • Engage with high value questions that compliment each lesson and unlock your own inner-wisdom.
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If you sign up today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses and for FREE! so you can feel confident knowing that you are totally supported and empowered to
Crack The Man Code!

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Foundations of Effective Flirting

In this content-rich interview, Fran Greene, author of "The Flirting Bible", reveals the critical signals you need to send so that your man so that he knows you're interested, makes the next move, and feels more chemistry with you.

$47 Value!

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Man-Panel Afterhours: The Secret Things Men Say About Love and Relationships When You're Not Around

How would you like to be a fly on the wall as a group of men discuss how they really feel about love and relationships?

Well, now you can! The Man-Panel Afterhours is the conversation women rarely get to hear…

I have gathered together three high quality men (in a private location) and asked them the toughest, most revealing questions women want to know on the subjects of love, sex, and relationships. When you purchase the Cracking The Man Code program, you will be given access to download this exclusive digital MP3 audio program!

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Irresistible Woman Audio Training

Learn the advanced traits men find irresistible as you listen in on this private class (previously only available to Mat's top clients)!

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