Why His Outer Awkwardness Could Reveal Inner Awesomeness - by Mat Boggs

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Think about all the times in your life when you’ve been extremely nervous in front of people.

Sweaty palms, shaky voice, stumbling over your words – appearing downright awkward. I’m willing to bet that each of those times, you were nervous because the situation you were in was important – because it meant something to you.

I know, I know... social awkwardness isn’t the first attribute that comes to mind when you think “dream man.”

But what if the man of your dreams is right in front of you with everything you’re looking for...

Except it’s hard to notice all of his positives while he’s sitting there in a pool of sweat - like he just finished running a marathon - and the reason why is that he’s so into you that he’s nervous!?

Being that 15 million people self-identify as socially awkward, it's easy to imagine that there are TONS of great guys out there... they're just too shy to come forward. 


Look past the awkwardness to find the awesomeness...

It's true, deliberate actions and control over a situation are traditionally more appealing attributes than poor eye contact or stumbling over words.

But if you stop judging his first impression and start analyzing it, you'll see that it may be worth giving him more time to prove himself.

After all, a first date is your first real opportunity to see this guy in action.

If he looks good on paper, then you have every reason to think he’s a perfectly nice guy who checks all of the boxes.

And once he relaxes and releases some of that awkwardness?

You may just find the awesomeness you're looking for.

After all...


First impressions aren't always accurate!

Studies show that women will give a man one hour to make a first impression.

If your date happens to be a little shy, then your snap judgement may call off the idea of a 2nd date right away.

…But don’t give up on him just yet.

Turn the tables.

Try to put yourself in a man’s perspective when he is out on a date with someone as lovely as yourself…

He’s noticing your beauty, your intelligence, your sense of humor. He’s thinking about his next move, his next sentence, his next breath.

He wants to make a good impression, but he's not sure he's doing it right!

At the end of the day, there’s so much going on in his mind and only so much brain power to spread around.

But the truth is, something made you want to go on the date with him in the first place!

So calling it off in the first 2 minutes doesn't really honor your initial intuition that made you say "yes".



Try to help him relax and have fun!

He’s still the funny person you spoke to on the phone or the graduate from the prestigious university who impressed you on paper...

So recognize that his social skills are being held hostage by how impressed his is by you. Take it as a compliment, and try your best to see the forest through the trees.

After all, how many times have you heard your grandma tell you how nervous your grandpa was when they went out? 

Some of the greatest love stories come from a nervous man finding the courage to go out with a beautiful woman...

Who knows?

He may just be your "prince charming".

Thanks for reading, and have some fun giving awkward guys a chance to reveal their true awesomeness!

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With Love & Light,
Mat Boggs