Confidently Attract the Loving, Committed & Conscious Relationship You Desire & Deserve... Without Dating Drama or Wasting Time on the "Wrong" guys

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Why is it that smart, successful, heart-centered women who are so clearly a catch are the ones that often struggle THE MOST when it comes to finding love?

For example: Have you found that, even though you want to meet a high-quality man who wants to be in a relationship... you keep attracting selfish or emotionally unavailable men who aren't capable of giving you what you want and need?

Or perhaps you've taken a break from romantic relationships, but now, you feel ready to meet "The One"... but the idea of dating makes you nervous, or feels tedious and even torturous?

If you're like most of the women I've coached and mentored in the area of love and relationships over the past 8 years...

You May Believe That You Haven't Been Able to Find Love Because You're "Lacking" or Flawed In Some Way

But this couldn't be further from the truth!

I'm here to tell you that there's nothing wrong with you. You're not lacking, and you're not broken or deficient in some way.

The fact is, there are TONS of high-quality men out there who are looking to meet a woman that they can love, adore and commit to... a woman just like you!

The reason you haven't been able to manifest YOUR man yet is simply because there are some things that you don't know — and that you need to know — about how to find love quickly, efficiently and easily that you are perfectly capable of learning.

Once you have access to a PROVEN SYSTEM that will help you remove your hidden barriers to love, shift your mindset, and guide you through what actions to take next and in which order...

Trying to meet the love of your life stops becoming a time-consuming, confusing, and sometimes even painful experience — and immediately transforms into a fun adventure that brings the man of your dreams into your life faster and easier than you ever imagined possible!

7 Marvelous Ways Your Life Can Transform When You Call in Love:

I always enjoy asking women what they most look forward to experiencing with the man of their dreams, because it's not just the big moments that mean the most... but rather the little everyday things that make life feel so transformed.

For example, how wonderful would it be to have your life transformed in any of these 7 ways:

  • To wake up each day, gazing into the eyes of the person you love, knowing that he really sees and understands you, and accepts you just as you are
  • To relish lazy Sunday mornings together, when there's nothing to do but simply be together, doing whatever feels the most delicious to you in that moment
  • To embark on amazing adventures together... traveling to new places, enjoying amazing vacations, weekends away at your favorite secluded beach, or running off to the mountains for a bit of hiking or camping
  • Imagine having romantic date nights, and all of the pleasure, passion and deeply connected intimacy that goes with them
  • To have a true partner in every sense and in every area of your life... someone who loves to support you and welcomes your support of him — someone with whom you can build a life and a future
  • To know, in your heart, that this person will walk this life beside you, hand-in-hand... and that he will face life's adventures, opportunities and challenges with you
  • And finally, to be that envious couple that has everyone asking, "Hey, what's your secret?" and your man throws you a playful wink because you both know you've found that "it" thing that used to feel so elusive...

These are the big, beautiful and also exceedingly simple ways that your life can transform when you start saying YES to love and YES to your desire to manifest it.

Are You 100% Ready For Love?

When you approach finding love with the right mindset, heartset and skillset, you will be well on your way to manifesting the man of your dreams.

But what if you don't feel a strong enough sense of confidence and self-worth to attract the type of man that you desire?

What if you still have deep-seated limiting beliefs about men, or about yourself, and what you deserve to have in this life?

What happens when there's an ex, or someone from your past that you still have feelings for?

When it comes to dating, how do you filter out the men who are only interested in getting physical as quickly as possible... and how do you handle rejection, awkward first dates, or the infamous "what is our status" talk?

These are the type of questions that often sabotage us from ever getting out there and really giving love a chance. And this is why I've created a way for you to learn, step-by-step, exactly how to dissolve any hidden blocks to love, while taking practical actions proven to help you navigate the dating process, and manifest your man and the relationship of your dreams.

Join Me For the Manifest Your Man Program

A 16-Week Program That Reveals the Tried-and-True Steps to
Finding Love and Calling In the Relationship of Your Dreams

Manifest Your Man is a 16-week online program, complete with video lessons, action guides and audio downloads, where you will be guided through how to develop a "love abundant" mindset, heartset and skillset — the three keys to manifesting the man of your dreams.

You will also receive access to 12 LIVE group coaching calls throughout the course of the program, where we will laser in on your individual challenges and answer your burning questions... so that you can find "The One" quicker and more easily that you've ever imagined possible.

Imagine that, in just four months, you can completely transform your love life!

You'll learn simple and effective processes that will help you release limiting beliefs and patterns once and for all... you will discover how to elevate your sense of self-worth, so that you exude authentic confidence that quality men find irresistible...

You'll learn the secrets of men's hearts and minds, understanding them like never before... You'll gain mastery in how to communicate your needs and boundaries in a way that elicits a positive response in men...

You'll gain expert insight into how to navigate the entire dating process, so that you successfully manifest your man and the healthy, loving, committed relationship that you desire... PLUS, MUCH MORE!

Here's a Breakdown of What We Will Cover Over the Next 16 Weeks Together:

LESSON #1: Committing to a Life You Love to Attract the Love of Your Life

LESSON #2: Proven Questions For Magnetic Clarity

LESSON #3: Resetting Negative Patterns to Powerful Possibilities

LESSON #4: Dissolving the 4 Hidden Barriers to Love

LESSON #5: Cultivating "Love Abundant" Confidence

LESSON #6: Freedom From Past Relationship Ties

LESSON #7: Igniting Your Feminine Energy and Amplifying Your "Love Abundance"

LESSON #8: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Online Dating — Part 1

LESSON #9: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Online Dating — Part 2

LESSON #10: The Secret Guide To Male Communication and Connection

LESSON #11: The Secrets to Meeting Men, Conscious Flirting & Building Social Momentum

LESSON #12: From First Date to Forever: Dating & Relationship Strategies

LESSON #13: Proven Communication & Conflict Resolution Techniques For a Deeply Connected Partnership

LESSON #14: Overcoming Obstacles: Fueling Your "Love Abundant" Success

LESSON #15: Surrendering the "Gains" That Keep You Single

LESSON #16: Celebrating Your Progress and The Keys to Increasing Your Momentum

Here are just a few of the transformative teachings you'll receive inside the 16-week Manifest Your Man program:

How to cultivate genuine self-confidence and trust, plus release deep-seated limiting beliefs: You will identify and release your hidden blocks to love — limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back for years without you even realizing it! Next, you will "blueprint" a life that will make you irresistibly magnetic to high-quality, masculine men, while harnessing two Universal Laws that support you in finding love.

The simple yet effective keys to magnetism and attraction to the available, conscious, and commitment-minded men you want! Learn how to TURN OFF the subconscious triggers that attract emotionally unavailable men who are poor communicators, or who are just focused on short-term "flings"... and flip the ON switch that attracts high-quality men.

A POWERFUL PRACTICE for healing past breakups and releasing past hurts: You'll lovingly release emotional attachments to old, toxic relationships that may have eroded your self-confidence or locked you in a pattern of frustration, disappointment or resignation. You'll also experience a profound Forgiveness Practice to heal your heart, and release any old energetic ties.

A step-by-step process for gaining crystal clear clarity on what you want and don't want in a relationship: You'll also learn useful tips for how to communicate your needs with confidence, in a way that a man can hear and embrace. Never again will you have to feel like you have to suppress your needs, or trade what it is that you REALLY want just to be loved.

A surprisingly simple and harmonious process for igniting your feminine radiance: You will discover what conscious feminine energy IS and also what it is not, and you will discover the secrets to embodying and emanating your feminine energy. You'll also learn how the masculine and feminine work together to create attraction, along with proven ways to reinforce and amplify that attraction.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating: You'll receive step-by-step guidance on how to make the process of online dating FUN and EASY, versus tedious and torturous, including: how to choose the right dating site for you, how to set up your profile, what to say in your online communications, as well as common mistakes to avoid. You'll also learn 8 ways to describe the man you're looking for in a way that attracts high-quality men to you, while repelling low-quality men from you.

Effective communication and dating strategies to carry you from First Date to Forever: You'll gain deep insight into how to successfully transition from the online dating world into the real world (including how and when to meet up in person), how to transition a relationship from just dating into an exclusive and committed partnership... and how to show enthusiasm without driving the man that you're interested in away.

Plus much more!

"Ok, I'm IN! Now What's the Investment?"

Being that you're ready to find love, you have 3 options:

  • 1. You can keep doing what you're doing, and continue experiencing the same results
  • 2. You can hire a professional matchmaker, which will cost you at least $3,000 to $4,000
  • 3. Or you can pay for one-on-one coaching and mentoring, which is highly effective... but expensive (I charge my private one-on-one clients $550 per hour — you can email me privately for details if you're interested)

But the good news is, that it doesn't have to cost you tens of thousands of dollars to get the help and support you need to find the love of your life.

Through my 16-week Manifest Your Man program, many, many women have found love.

And if you too, take inspired action today, you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the complete 16-week Manifest Your Man video program, along with video lessons, action guides, audio downloads and 12 LIVE group coaching calls — all for the low one-time investment of just $2997, or 4 easy payments of just $775.


You'll Also Receive These 2 Exclusive Bonus Gifts:

Bonus #1: Emergency Email Access to Me (priceless!)

As you move through the program, a circumstance or situation may arise that you want feedback on. When this happens, simply email me and I'll respond within 24 to 48 hours with the laser coaching you need to break through your challenge. This is a priceless way to get support when you need it most.

Because I am offering this level of personal access to me, we have room for just 25 women in the Manifest Your Man program at this time.

Bonus #2: Access to the Private Manifest Your Man Facebook Community ($500 value)

Connect with your Manifest Your Man community of smart, talented and wonderful women just like you. Here, you'll eceive support from my team, plus you'll have a safe space where you can share your stories, celebrate your wins and give and receive encouragement along your "Manifest Your Man" journey.

Bonus #3: LIVE Q&A Calls with Mat

You'll receive 12 LIVE Q&A group coaching calls with Mat and your fellow Manifest Your Man sisterhood, so you can get your burning dating questions answered quickly - by someone who knows your personal story!

bonus 3

Who Will You Become As You Journey Through the Manifest Your Man Program?

After 8 years of reaching millions of people with love and relationship advice — and helping many smart, successful, heart-centered women find lasting love — I've come to see a reliably consistent transformation emerge for the women who participate full-out in this program.

As you journey through this program:

  • You will enjoy greater confidence because you'll understand how men are wired, and you'll know exactly what to say to ignite attraction and build a lasting connection.
  • You will feel supported, at ease, and less stressed in those tough dating situations. For example, you'll receive word-for-word scripts for exactly what to say during those awkward conversations when a man disappears or breaks agreements, so that you can build connection rather than push him away.
  • You will flourish in your own life, cultivating a deep and expanding sense of aliveness because you are creating a life you love.
  • You will receive deep heart-healing and learn how to develop empowered beliefs, thought patterns and behaviors that are not only magnetic to love, but also to abundance, joy and all the good things in life!
  • You will never again be lost to the torrent of confusing emotions, back and forth thoughts and guessing games most women face when dating — you'll be able to bring your burning questions to our LIVE coaching calls so that you can get laser-focused guidance on exactly how to handle any dating situation.
  • You will ease into your natural femininity because you'll have permission, encouragement and clarity for what it means to be your most genuine feminine self. This space of permission and acceptance is often what women say they love most about this process!

You Are Worthy of Love and Your Time is NOW! Will You Answer the Call?

Being in a loving, healthy, committed relationship with someone who really, truly loves you for who you are is one of the most rewarding things you can experience as a human being.

When you have a true partner that you can build a life with, life just takes on a whole new dimension!

But if you're feeling a bit of dread mixed in with your hope for new love... or you just aren't sure that you're ready to go all-in to create the relationship you want... it's okay. I get it. Because the idea of opening yourself up to love can feel very scary at first.

But let me ask you: What will it cost you within the next 12 months if you let your fear, doubt and worry win?

Don't continue trying to figure out how to find love through painful trial and error...

Manifest Your Man is a proven, reliable, repeatable system that many smart, successful, heart-centered women have already used to manifest the relationship of their dreams — and now it's YOUR turn!

To register now (again, I can only accept 25 women at this time), simply click on the button below and fill out the secure order form that you'll see on the very next page, and we will email you your program access details within the next few minutes:

In your corner,

Mat Boggs
Bestselling co-author of Project Everlasting
Creator of the Manifest Your Man program