Manifest Your Man is a 16-week online program — complete with video lessons, action guides and audio downloads — where you will learn how to attract an incredible relationship quicker and more easily than you’ve ever imagined possible.


Inside this proven step-by-step program, you will discover:

  • A Powerful Practice for Healing Past Hurts: Gently release any lingering pain, disappointment or resentment you may feel around past relationships, so that you energetically free yourself up to finding the love that you desire and deserve.
  • Fall Madly In Love with YOU: Elevate your sense of self-worth, so that you exude authentic confidence that quality men find irresistible — you will no longer attract (or be attracted to) “broken” or emotionally unavailable men.
  • Understand How Quality Men “Think”: Gain deep insight into what a quality man who wants to be in a loving, committed relationship is looking for, including how to connect with him and how to stand out in his mind from ALL other women.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating: How to make online dating FUN and EASY, versus tedious and torturous, including: how to set up your profile, what to say in your online communications, common mistakes to avoid, and how to go from First Date to Forever.
  • Complete Relationship Clarity: Create a crystal clear vision of what you want (and don’t want!) in a relationship, and how to communicate your needs and boundaries with confidence in a way that elicits a positive response from men.
  • Plus much more!

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Manifest Your Man Essentials: A Proven Program to Attract the Relationship You Want (1-Pay): This online course with Mat Boggs will show you exactly how and where to meet a great guy and create the deep and lasting connection you want. $997.00
Manifest Your Man Essentials: A Proven Program to Attract the Relationship You Want (4 Easy Payments of $274.25): The 4-pay plan includes a $25 admin fee per payment. (Total investment = $1,097). $274.25PER MONTH

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