A Simple, Quick Caress From You On One Of These Top 10 Erogenous Zones Will Skyrocket Sexual Tension And Drive Him Crazy!

There’s a great book that I absolutely love by Gary Chapman called The Five Love Languages, where he breaks down the five ways we express and experience love – receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service and physical touch.

According to the author, several or all of these “love languages” will show up in our relationships. But, each person has one primary and one secondary love language.

And you know what’s cray-cray?

20% of people (so 1 in 5) have the SAME #1 love language: Physical touch!

how to touch a guy mat boggs

And physical touch doesn’t just mean sexual touch by the way…

It can mean reaching across the table to touching a man’s arm over dinner, putting your arm through his as you’re walking down the street, or cuddling up as the two of you watch a move.

That said, it can definitely include something more on the steamy side :-)

Now that said, some of the 10 ways to touch a man in each of his most erogenous zones WILL get a bit steamy here!

Keep on reading, if you dare 😉

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HOW TO TOUCH A GUY TIP #1: Hands and forearms

Try touching his hands or forearms with the pads of your fingers ever so gently.

And get this… neuroscientists have actually discovered that the slow touch at the tempo of about five centimeters a second on his hands, forearms or really anywhere on his body, creates the most sexual tension!


HOW TO TOUCH A GUY TIP #2: The back of the head

Now you may be thinking, “The back of the head? Mat, what are you smoking?”

But I swear to you – very lightly scratching the back of his head through his hair will drive him absolutely bananas! It honestly feels SO good.

You can even try it when he’s watching TV or driving! Trust me, he’s gonna love it!!


how to touch a guy ear

HOW TO TOUCH A GUY TIP #3: Ear and earlobe

Here’s a super hot way to give attention to the ear and earlobe...

First, whisper something really sexy to him very close to his ear, so he can feel your breath. Then, move down slowly and give him a little bite on the earlobe.

Bur remember, be gentle! You don’t want to go full vampire on him!

Also, by the way, studies show that people all have one side that is more sensitive than the other. So why not get playful and try whispering in both of his ears, and see which elicits a more sexual reaction??!

You can even go as far as saying, "Hey, how do you want me to talk to you? What dirty thing can I say to you? Let’s experiment… what side do you like versus the other?"

And the same goes for you! Have your partner experiment saying dirty things you’d like to hear in each of your ears too… you’ll quickly discover which side is more sensitive and erogenous for you!


HOW TO TOUCH A GUY TIP #4: Back of the legs

Now this is an interesting one because in most studies, women didn’t find the back of the legs to be particularly erogenous, but men definitely did!!

So try giving him back massage, and then work SLOWLY down the back of his legs… and then right on back up toward the upper thighs. Your man may really dig it!



Oh man, the neck– this is a big one!

Little kisses, little nibbles and even little hickies can be sooooo sexy.

In fact, in the book Sexual Reflexology, the author discusses how the thyroid gland (an organ in the front of the neck) is actually connected to your sexual organs...

So as you lick up the front of the neck, up his Adam’s apple, you’re taking his erotic impulses to a whole new level!


HOW TO TOUCH A GUY TIP #6: Face and jaw

Go ahead and stroke his face and jaw with your hands, especially when you're kissing, because the jaw is linked to masculinity.

So when you're stroking his jaw you're going to ignite his masculine energy, which means getting him way turned on!


how to touch a guy lips


Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Pretty obvious, right? But plot twist! I’m not actually talking about kissing!

Before you kiss him, explore his lips gently with your fingers.

This exploration will actually build up mad sexual tension before you actually kiss.


HOW TO TOUCH A GUY TIP #8: Below the belly button

Uh oh! Guess what?! Now we’re getting a little steamy up in here!

I’m actually talking about the specific area between his belly button and his genitals.

To stimulate that area, slowly stroke your fingers downward from his belly button to just about his genitals, and then slowly back up to his belly button.

This will get the sexual tension rocketing through his entire body!


HOW TO TOUCH A GUY TIP #9: Inner thighs

The skin on the inner thighs is extremely sensitive, so just like #8, you want to work this area in a teasing way, coming near but not actually touching his genitals.

Stroke the inner thighs slowly, getting closer and closer to his most erogenous zone, and then take a short break and resume.

Again, sexual tension throughout his entire body, guaranteed!



The… thumb? Yep! Surprising, right?

See, a lot of men and women have been conditioned to believe that the penis must be the central focus of attention for greatest sexual pleasure.

In reality, the erotic experience is greatly enhanced by incorporated touch on other areas of the body!

So during foreplay (or even during sex), start gently playing with his hands (a la #1) and then suck gently on his thumb.

Many men report that this instantly makes them think about you sucking, ahem… something else… and may even foreshadow what is to come later in the love-making experience.


how to touch a guy communication

Remember, knowing how to touch a guy helps him return the erotic favor to YOU!

Just a quick reminder that these tips aren’t meant to put you on the back burner sexually.

The more openly you communicate about what he likes and what makes him feel super good, the more opportunity you have to share YOUR physical needs and desires too!

Foreplay and lovemaking should be a pleasurable, reciprocal, fun experience for you both, so remember – communication is key!

And by the way, I’d love to hear from YOU! What really gets your man going? Do any of these tips above drive your man wild? I’m sure it will be quite the naughty conversation in the comments below!


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