Here Are 5 Simple But Fun Attitudes, or Ways of Being, That Will Make Him Wildly Attracted to You… And Make Him Want to Hold Onto You Forever

Have you ever met someone that you were initially super attracted to... but then when you got to actually know them and their personality, you found them way less attractive?

I think we’ve all been there!

Or maybe, hopefully, you’ve had the opposite experience – where the more you got to know someone, the more and more attractive they became to you!

If you’ve ever wondered how to increase a man’s attraction to you, so that the more he gets to know you, the more he wants to be with you… you’re in the right place!

Here are five attitudes, or ways of being, that men find irresistibly attractive in a woman, and that will make him want to shower you with love and keep you around forever.

SUPER ATTRACTIVE ATTITUDE #1: Your ability to turn the mundane into FUN

Life is full of mundane “in between” moments, like being stuck in traffic, waiting in a check-out line, or waiting for delayed flight at the airport.

But if you can inject some FUN into these pockets of time, that’s super attractive to a man!

attitudes men love about women fun

One of my favorite things about my wife is that she can turn any mundane moment into a fun one. She has all kinds of silly games she likes to play that make life so much less boring.

For instance, when we go to an amusement park and we’re waiting in a long line, she’ll say something like, “Let’s play a game of ‘Would You Rather’ and try to gross each other out while we wait!” Suddenly the time is flying and I feel like the luckiest man in the world.


SUPER ATTRACTIVE ATTITUDE #2: “Hey, guess what… I’m not wearing any panties!”

Men often get tired of being the ones to initiate sex, you know? Now granted, there are obviously relationships where this isn’t the case. But by and large, it’s men doing the initiating!

Either way, there’s nothing more attractive than when you make it known to him that you’re down to get down… that you want him!

So go ahead and text your man while he’s at work and say something like, “I’m feeling SO HOT for you right now, can you come home?” or “I’m not wearing any panties… maybe we can take a quick lunch break together?”

Trust me, send a text like that and he’ll either hurry on home for lunch, or if he can’t do that, he’ll spend the rest of the day fantasizing about you and then hurry home to you after work!

Men simply love it when a woman takes initiative. It helps us feel sexy and desired in the relationship.

Side note: When sending a sexy text like this, definitely only send it to a guy you’re in a committed relationship with, where you’re already being intimate together. This type of texting may be just a tad bit too forward for early courtship. 😉


SUPER ATTRACTIVE ATTITUDE #3: Owning your own happiness

Ladies, this one is SO important. There’s way too much pressure on us men to feel like WE have to be the sole source of your happiness.

We absolutely want to contribute to your happiness, of course! But we can’t be the only thing lighting up your world. That’s not good for either of us.

When my now-wife and I were just dating, but things were starting to get serious between us, we had this huge come-to-Jesus talk about our relationship.

She sat me down and was like, “You know, Mat, I love you. I want to be with you. I even think I want to spend my life with you. But if you don’t want that, I’m going to be totally okay. I’m going to create a happy life and have an amazing relationship no matter what. So I want to make sure you make the right decision for you.”

Man, her ability to have that conversation with me in that way made SUCH a huge impact on me. She was so grounded, so confident, so able to own her own happiness with or without me. And honestly? That’s part of what boosted my attraction to her to the next level and solidified my decision to want to be with her forever.
The confidence to know that YOU are in control of your happiness and fulfillment, that it’s not all on your man, is a very, very sexy attitude to have.


attitudes men love about women ambition

SUPER ATTRACTIVE ATTITUDE #4: You encourage his ambitions

There are chapters in every guy's life when we are trying to build something, grow something and achieve something. And when you as our partner can stand by us and cheer us on, that means SO much to us. It shows us that we are a team.

There was a point in my life when I was developing the online program, “Cracking the Man Code.” I was working pretty much constantly, getting up at 6:00am and staying up late writing and creating. I was also preparing to put on a live event! The whole thing was a total labor of love for me.

Throughout it all, my wife was just so damn empowering and supportive. She didn’t get hurt or bitter that I was working so much, and on the day of the event, she was in the front row, cheering me on.

It meant the absolute world to me!

Now listen, I’m not saying that you want a man who is going to prioritize work 100% of the time and place you on the back burner. That’s not what I’m saying. Doing that over time to someone you’re in a relationship with is certainly not fair.

But having someone by our side when we need to focus on ourselves and our work for select periods of time is absolutely amazing, and makes us want to hold onto you forever.


SUPER ATTRACTIVE ATTITUDE #5: Your ability to see the MAGIC in life

Every day, we have the ability to wake up and choose where we are going to place our focus – if we’re going to focus on all the opportunities and possibilities that exist for us, or the challenges and problems we’re facing.

When you choose to focus on the good, your natural radiance shines through from within.

Children are able to see the magic of the world all the time. Recently my two-and-a-half year old daughter and I were outside together. I was crouched down beside her, and all of a sudden she was like, "Daddy, daddy, look!" She tilted my face up and she said, "The moon! The moon!"

It was such an amazing moment because I see the moon every night and I'm not exactly enthralled with it, you know? But here she was just seeing the magic of this moment, which helped me stop and appreciate the magic of the world, too.

Einstein has this great quote that says, “There are two ways to see the world. One, as if everything is a miracle. And the other, as if nothing is.” Now which one seems like the more attractive attitude to you??

So I encourage you to view the world around you as totally magical and miraculous. When you do that, you’ll not only make yourself much happier, you’ll be absolutely magnetic to high-quality men!


Your attractiveness is about being YOU!

So there are five attitudes, or ways of being, that will exponentially increase his attraction to you.

But always remember that, above all else, you being your heart-centered, honest and authentic self will help you attract and keep the high-quality, committed and heart-centered man you desire.

Out of the five attitudes I just shared with you, which one have you found most increases a man’s attraction to you? Or can you think of something else that I didn’t mention here? Leave your thoughts with me in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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