3 Simple Ways to Get Noticed By Men - by Mat Boggs

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We see great guys all the time. Whether it’s on the street, at the bar, or even at work, great guys are everywhere. But getting noticed by them, well, that’s another story.

It’s not always easy to grab a man’s attention.  Sometimes it can even feel downright impossible. However, there is a trick to help you get the get his attention, and it’s based on the Law of Giving and Receiving.

Basically, the law means that the more you give something, the more likely you are to receive it.

So think of it this way, with friendship would you be friends with someone who wasn’t giving you any kind of indication that they wanted to be friends? Probably not.

Would you be friends with someone who invites you to hang out and seems interested in being your friend? Absolutely!

When it comes to love and getting noticed by men, the law of giving and receiving works the same way.  If you want to start receiving interest and attention from the guys, then you have to start giving and showing interest.

But how do you give interest?

Here are three simple and effective ways to give interest and get noticed by men.


TIP #1: Make the First Move

So let’s be real, when it comes to making the first move many of us believe it’s the man’s job.

This is an expectation that has been ingrained into our minds for a long time and unfortunately has become part of our nature.  However, women have been subtly making the first move longer than we might think.

Whether it’s pretending to drop something such as a hanky or a pen, or even starting a conversation with a simple ‘how do you do?’ woman have been making the first move.

Yes, it can be crazy intimidating to act first, and you might be wondering how you even go about it.

If you have his number or are friends with him on social media, send the first message.  This doesn’t have to be some crazy pickup line that you read on a website or heard from a friend.  It can be something as simple as asking about his day and let the conversation progress from there.

Another great way to make the first move is to strike up a conversation. Again, this doesn’t have to be some cheesy pick-up line, just a simple hello followed by a question can get the ball rolling.


TIP #2: Use Your Eyes

Men are always looking for signs that a woman is approachable.

Often times these signs are a lot of little things that we don’t even think about such as smiling, not looking too busy or occupied, and even hanging out with a smaller group so they don’t get intimidated.

However, there is one small and subtle way you can let him know you’re approachable without saying a single word.

Eye contact.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and how you look at someone can let him know if your blinds are open or closed.

The key to eye contact is simple: let him catch you looking and don’t look away too fast.  Once you have his gaze, it can be second nature for many of us to look away.

Sometimes looking away can give off a subtle vibe that you are disinterested, which is often the opposite of what you want him to think.  The longer you maintain eye contact, the more likely he is to get the clue that he can come over.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable to maintain eye contact for more than a few seconds.

Just remember that if you’re looking at him, that means he’s also looking at you.  So let your eye contact get slightly uncomfortable, and linger for a little while.  He’ll get the message.

If for some reason you find that maintaining eye contact is difficult and intimidating, you can also try the smile and look away.

A smile can also go a long way, and a subtle curve of your lip can let him know that you’re interested—plus it will bring out a coy and shy persona that men find charming.


TIP #3: Break the Professional Barrier

Many of us have men in our lives that know us on a professional level but not as much on a personal level.

Whether it’s an office crush, someone you network with, or anyone else that you might interact with in a professional setting, there tends to be a barrier that keeps us back from interacting on that personal level.

Get out your bull dozer because it’s time to knock down some walls.

When you have that click and chemistry with someone in a professional setting, it’s easy for him to think that it’s strictly a professional thing.

Often times men don’t act on their feelings in a professional setting because they don’t want to come across as presumptuous or unprofessional.  That’s why it’s up to you to give the ok that he can cross that line.

One of the best ways to get past the wall of professionalism is to invite him to hang out in a non-professional setting.

Maybe you and some of your coworkers are going out after work for a drink, that’s an excellent opportunity to invite him along.  You can even ask him if he wants to grab coffee or lunch sometime.

By giving him the invitation, you are letting him know that he can pursue something further.

Maybe asking a guy to go somewhere with you or other co-workers is a bit too forward for your taste.

You can also give him the invitation without directly inviting him anywhere.

Things like compliments, creating an inside joke just between the two of you, and just showing genuine interest in his life can also be major clues for him to know that you like him in more than just a professional way.

The key to getting noticed by men is simple: give, and you shall receive.

So the next time you’re out and about and you see someone you might be interested in, use some of these simple and easy tricks. Let the law take it from there.

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With Love & Light,
Mat Boggs