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If You’ve Ever Wanted To Know What Turns a Guy On, You’re In Luck! Here Are 10 “Turn-On Tactics” That Will Make You Irresistible To Him... and Keep Him Coming Back For More!

Are you dying to know what drives a man wild? Maybe you’d love to boost your irresistibility and spice things up? Well, look no further, because here are the top ten things that turn men on time and time again!

Now, word to the wise: These tips are intended for women in loving, committed relationships who want to keep things steamy over time. I’m not sayin’ men don’t find these things super sexy in women they’ve only just met, but some of these tactics might be a little risque for early courtship, if you catch my drift! 😉

Okay, so without further ado, here are the top 10 things that turn a man on…

TURN-ON TACTIC #1: When you OWN your sexiness

This is #1 for a reason, ladies, because absolutely nothing is sexier than when a woman owns her sexiness.

When you’re comfortable in your own skin, you radiate a sexual energy that men pick up on.

what turns a guy on mat boggs

When you know that sex isn’t dirty or awkward or wrong… but is in fact a fun and healthy part of any thriving relationship... this creates an amazing foundation upon which all of the rest of these turn-on tactics are built.

So don’t be shy, embrace your inner sex goddess, and he’ll be irresistibly drawn to you!.


TURN-ON TACTIC #2: When you initiate sex

It is highly attractive to a man when you initiate sex. By doing this, you make it known to him that you both enjoy it and want it from him.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worse than when a woman makes us feel like she’s doing us a favor by having sex with us! I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’ll still take the sex… but it’s much better if you’re way into it!

When your man knows you love making love to him, he’s going to want to keep you around forever.


TURN-ON TACTIC #3: When you find your man sexy

When you genuinely, authentically find us super attractive, we can read that. And what’s even better is when you make that doubly clear either verbally or with some super sexy body language.

We. Love. That. It totally turns us on.

So you might try rubbing your man’s arm or chest, or leaning in and saying, “Damn, you are so sexy right now!”

Or you can even elevate the hotness factor even further by using “the kissing whisper,” where you lean in and tell him a secret. You lean in, get real close, and tell him a secret while your lips are just lightly touching his ear. And of course, you say something like “Damn, you’re so sexy right now!”

Can you tell we really like hearing that? It drives us wild!


TURN-ON TACTIC #4: The way you smell

A woman’s smell is a powerful tool to ignite attraction. Man, when my wife walks by and she smells good, she has the power to snap my neck. I’m like, “Dang! She smells good today!”

And okay, let’s be real, the opposite is also true. If you don’t smell good, it can be a massive turn off.

Before I met my wife, I once dated a woman who didn’t believe in wearing deodorant. She believed in essential oils, which is totally cool… except essential oils wear off after like 15 minutes!

One day we were driving to the beach to go surfing and suddenly I smelled this rank scent throughout the whole car. I couldn’t even breathe. It wasn’t a good scene, and needless to say, it was a total turn off. So use your smell to your advantage!


TURN-ON TACTIC #5: Variety

This is a biggie for long-term, committed relationships. You gotta change things up in the sex department.

If you’re always making love in the bedroom, for example, try somewhere else! Get busy in the shower or on the living room floor.

Same goes for always doing missionary position. Change. It. Up. Give doggy style a whirl! Or froggy style. Or cowgirl. Or reverse cowgirl. You get it!

Infuse some variety into the physical side of your relationship, and your man will stay turned on for a loooong time.


what turns a guy on biting


That’s right… biting! Now, okay, let’s be clear ladies – we’re talking light and fun. A little nibble on his neck or ear. No drawing blood now, ya hear?!

The aim isn’t to hurt your man, it’s to ignite a little extra spark of unexpected passion. So try it, but exercise caution. 😉


what turns a guy on wear his clothes

TURN-ON TACTIC #7: Wearing his clothes

Okay, before you envision yourself wearing his gym shorts awkwardly, here’s what I mean –  wear a piece of his clothing, like one of his button-down shirts, in sexy way.

Back in the day, in high school, if a girl wore her man’s letterman jacket, that was super sexy. That said to the world, “This is my man, and I am proud to be with him!”

So put on his dress shirt and walk around the house. Or maybe one of his t-shirts that just barely covers your butt.

And bonus points if you ain’t got nothing on underneath!


TURN-ON TACTIC #8: When you give us a striptease

Why is this such a turn on for men? Well, it build the anticipation for what’s about to go down.

Any time you increase the tension, you raise the attraction. Bottom line.

But, listen, here’s the deal…. see turn-on tactic #1 above. You gotta be comfortable in your own skin and highly confident to give a sexy striptease. If you’re rushed or nervous, for example, it’s going to kill the mood. It just won’t be the right vibe.

But if you’re having fun, if you’re relaxed and confident and in the moment, your man is going to love it!


TURN-ON TACTIC #9: When you make noise during sex

Again, don’t be shy! Allow yourself to get into it and make some noise when you’re making love. Let your man know that you’re enjoying what’s going on.

The absolute worst thing for a man is a woman who’s just lyin’ there like a dead fish while we’re gettin’ it on. Because we want to know we’re doing a good job for you and making you feel amazing!

All men want to feel like, “Yeah, this is my doing. I’m making this happen. Awesome!”

But you know what isn’t sexy? Whining. Totally un-sexy. We don’t like it.

However, moaning or even telling your man how good something feels? It’ll fire him up, I promise!


what turns a guy on laughter

TURN-ON TACTIC #10: Laughter

Finally, the best for last! What turns a man on that you might not expect? Unadulterated, full spectrum, sincere laughter.

This means you’re letting your joy flag fly, that you’re enjoying a moment with him so genuinely that you laugh full out and express yourself.

There is almost nothing in the world more magnetic and attractive than a woman enjoying herself. Period.


Communication is key!

Above all, ladies, talk to your man. Ask him what gets him hot and bothered and what he finds sexiest about you. The best way to please him is to know him well.

And don’t forget that turning your man on is also equally about empowering you and bringing you pleasure too! Because relationships and sex are mutual, so the more fulfilled he is, the more fulfilled you’ll be. Trust me.

Now I’d love to hear from you in the comments. What’s your favorite turn-on tactic that works every time to ignite the passion in your relationship?

Or on the other hand, have you tried anything that’s totally flopped? Share with me in the comments below!


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