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Have You Ever Wondered What Men Find Attractive? Here’s How to Embrace your Amazingness to Attract the Partner of Your Dreams

The million dollar question for those of you out there looking for your soulmate is, what do men want in a lifelong partner?

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Or in other words, what do men find attractive in the women they choose to commit to and settle down with?

When I’m hanging out with my guy friends on camping trips or wherever, and we’re catching up and asking each other about life and our relationships, I’ll ask “How are things going with Lisa?” or “How are things going with Kim?”

And when a guy friend of mine is really happy in a relationship and says, “Amazing!” and I follow up, “That’s so great! What do you like about her?” they always say the same thing...

“You know what, man? She’s just cool. She’s really, really cool.”

Cool! Excellent. But maybe you’re wondering, what does this actually mean? Well, it’s worth unpacking because without a doubt, this is what every man I know says when he is describing a woman he absolutely loves being in a relationship with.

So after years of talking to men and doing research, I’ve narrowed it down to 7 qualities that a man looks for in a woman he wants to get seriously involved with.

I also want to add that if this list of 7 qualities seems like a tall order, it is! We ALL desire and deserve an absolutely AMAZING relationship, and these are qualities to embrace to increase your happiness in a relationship, too!

And you know what? You have all these qualities inside you already. You’re a catch! And tapping into these traits and mindsets will surely help you attract the absolute perfect partner for you.

So, drumroll please…


#1 He’s attracted to

Now, let me start by saying that these qualities are in no particular order, but we may as well start with sexual attraction. Bottom line: we want a woman we are sexually attracted to, and we want a woman we can have amazing sex with.

This doesn’t mean that you have to look a certain way or fit a certain beauty standard, by the way! Men want a woman who is confident in her sexiness, who feels attractive and OWNS it… and, of course, who wants to have sex with us. ‘Cause long story short: if the sex dies, the relationship dies.


#2 Who respects him

We want a woman who demonstrates the respect we expect of anyone! She says please and thank you, and all that good stuff. And she expresses deep appreciation for our hard work.

But a dream woman also respects a man’s thoughts, opinions and dreams. She values, respects and celebrates who he is as a person, just as he values, respects and celebrates who she is. Mutual respect is key.

And a quick word on faith... if you and your man’s faiths line up, great! But if not, the key is to respect one another’s respective faiths.


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#3 Who knows what SHE wants

This one’s a BIGGIE. I can’t stress it enough. We want a woman who has herself figured out.

Now, each and every one of us is an ever-evolving work in progress, don’t get me wrong. But men like definitive, strong women.

Nothing drives a man crazier than when we say, “Hey babe, what do you want to do?” and our lady says, “I don’t know, whatever you want to do is fine with me.”

We want to know how to deliver happiness to you! So a woman who knows what she wants is easier to please, and this leads to an all around “cooler” experience for both of us!


what men find attractive best friend

#4 He can consider his best friend

And you want your partner to be your best friend too, right?! Think about it – if you’re looking for someone to be with forever, they should be someone you absolutely adore hanging out with!

Liking the same activities and having similar interests is a huge part of being best friends. This isn’t to say you have to be clones of each other – come on, that would be boring! But there’s gotta be SOME similarities in the things you both like to do.

At the end of the day, men want a woman who enjoys being goofy and playful, and who can laugh along with him and quote movies you both love.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their lives with their best friend?! It’s a no brainer.


#5 Who is low drama

Okay, operative word here is low. Looooow drama. Not NO drama, as that’s probably not very realistic for any human being, but low drama. Men want a woman is low on the crazy scale. Who doesn’t create mountains out of molehills on the reg.

And let’s be fair. We all have challenges! We all have stuff that arises in our lives. But a woman who can make a molehill out of a mountain is a huge asset to a man.

A woman who can bring greater peace into a man’s life instead of more stress is going to be someone he wants to hang onto – trust me!


#6 Who fuels his freedom

Okay. Pause. First of all, what do I mean by freedom? I’m not referring to a woman who lets a man go off and pursue or sleep with other women. Heck no! I’m referring to a woman who actually supports him in having FUN! Having guy time, going out, hanging with friends, pursuing his own hobbies, and all that good stuff.

When a woman has enough confidence to let her man go and do these things, guess what?

He’s going to be a better partner to YOU! Why? Because he’s had time to recharge his batteries, and he can then pour that energy back into you and your relationship.

And by the same token, a man wants a woman who fuels her own freedom as well – who has her own activities, friends and interests. Because when we know you’re out there enjoying life, expanding your horizons and doing things you love, it only makes us love you more!


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#7 Who is loyal

You want a man who will be there for you, in your corner, not just in good times but when things get a little rough, right? Good! Because we want exactly that from you, too.

We want a woman with staying power and who can weather the storm, because realistically, there are going to be times when we’re winning, when we’re on top... and and there are going to be times when the cards are stacked against us, when the going gets tough.

To be able to look to our side and see a woman with the fortitude and courage and strength to band together and face life as a team? Well, that’s a POWERFUL attribute to have in a woman. That’s a woman worth keeping forever!

What men find attractive is YOU… being your BEST self!

There you have it – the 7 qualities men look for in a woman he wants to settle down with.

And you know what? Really, all these qualities of a “cool” woman really come down to you just being YOU... the best version of you! The you that LOVES yourself fully, which makes you better able to love him.

So what qualities do YOU look for in an amazing man and lifelong partner? Throw them in the comments below, I love to hear from you!

And remember, the more self confident, self motivated, and self loving you are, the better quality men you’ll attract!


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