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I have a confession…

This article isn't entirely about love and relationships.


It is about creating a life you absolutely love (which includes the ol' relationship realm).

If I'm guessing correctly, you're probably setting some 2013 goals, doing some visioning, or perhaps making your New Year's resolutions, yes?

I created a list of power questions that will bring more clarity to your New Year visioning process.

Simply a gift for you :)

Here's to a 2013 year filled with love, joy, laughter, and many memorable moments!

2013 Visioning
Please take some time and journal on these questions below.  Write down whatever comes to your mind; be it strange or silly, don’t edit it.  Just let it flow.  Open your intuition and be courageously honest with yourself.  Notice what bubbles up.

After you have written down your answers for each of these questions, look back and see which answers really speak to you.  Pay close attention to any patterns for what you want to create.  A pattern is our soul’s way of getting our attention.

Have fun!

•    What wins did you have in 2012 (small and big)?
•    What old patterns do you want to release moving into 2013?
•    At the end of 2013 how do you want your best friends to describe you?
•    What ten qualities best describe how you see yourself now?
•    What ten qualities best describes how you want see yourself at the end of 2013?
•    What’s one thing can you do this week that will give you one of the feelings you described above?
•    What do value most in life?
•    How does what you are doing for work align with your highest values?
•    How can you shift your daily life to better align with your highest values in 2013?
•    What adventures do you want to have in 2013?
•    What do you want to learn in 2013?
•    Where do you want to travel in 2013?
•    How many date nights do you want to have in 2013 (describe some of them)?
•    Describe three unique memorable experiences you want to have with someone important in your life. (ie, scuba diving, hot air balloon ride, painting lessons, wine tasting in Napa Valley, skiing, snowboarding, etc.)
•    Who do you want to make sure you spend time with in 2013?
•    Who do you want to spend less time with in 2013?
•    What do you want to spend less time doing in 2013?
•    What do you want to experience more of in 2013?
•    How much money do you want to make in 2013?
•    How much do you want to give or contribute to others or a charity in 2013?
•    What life-long experience or goal (if you have one) can you accomplish in 2013? (ie, rafting the Grand Canyon)
•    What is God or Spirit calling you to do this year?
•    What resistance do you have (if any) to going after your dream?
•    What will it take for you to achieve your dream?
•    Are you willing to achieve your dream?

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